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"The Daily Drinker offers a fascinating alternative to the High Street, with excellent wines from all corners of the globe, especially those up and coming regions that can be so exciting. This is the place to discover and explore the world of wine." Tom Cannavan on, June 2017


Frustration with the everyday drinking habits of today's wine lovers...

The idea for The Daily Drinker Wine Club came from Caspar's frustration with the everyday drinking habits of today's wine lovers. Whilst one's cellar may contain some smart bottles from classic regions, daily consumption often involves drinking a very small range of tried-and-tested favourites. We are at THE most exciting point in wine making's 6000+ year history but the consumer is often happier drinking the same wine every night?!?

Thousands of fabulous wines the wine lover should be trying...

There are thousands of fabulous, interesting and illuminating - if sometimes arcane - wines available in this country, wines that the wine lover should be trying. However, so many of them rarely make it to the UK wine drinker.


The Daily Drinker Wine Club was devised as a way of getting these wines into people's homes and on to their dining tables, to be drunk and enjoyed with family and friends, the way wine should be experienced and where it has the best chance of being appreciated to the full!

We stick to mono-varietal wines as much as possible as we believe this makes it easier for Daily Drinker members to “get their heads ‘round” the wines. With 10,000 plus grape varieties in the world, we could introduce two new wines every month for the next 79 years without repetition.

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