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About Us

Caspar & Victoria Bowes of The Daily DrinkerThe Daily Drinker is the brilliant idea of Caspar and Victoria Bowes, a healthily wine-obsessed husband and wife team who have been in business together as Bowes Wine Limited since early 2002.

Bowes Wine manages portfolios of wine, both for future drinking and for investment, for a private client base, majoring on the expatriate markets in the Middle and Far East. Caspar's been involved in this kind of business since 1998 and he loves the travel.

Caspar's career path has been directed by obsession; he's still trying to work out just how fruit juice can be so varied. 25 years in the wine trade, including some informative - but not especially enjoyable - time in retail have convinced Caspar that there are many things in the world that one should take seriously, but wine is not one of them. Business, on the other hand, is.

Caspar is also an obsessive fisherman and will put fly to water without provocation wherever he can, including on honeymoon. 

Victoria is involved in every aspect of Bowes Wine & The Daily Drinker. She is particularly brilliant at those matters that require a combination of concentration and exactitude; Caspar is endlessly grateful for this, as he isn't… Some 20 years in the wine trade, including stints in vineyards overseas, UK experience as Assistant Buyer for a wholesaler and a fine wine merchant, has cemented Victoria's position as the backbone of the business. 

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