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Press Reviews and Awards

Read what the press say about The Daily Drinker and our wines...


2019 Jacquere La Cote Savoie, Domaine Vendange - Joanna Simon's Wine of the Week, 25/06/2021

2019 Ruche di Castagnolo Monferrato La Tradizione, Montalbera - in Will Lyons' column in The Sunday Times, 20/06/2021

2019 Roditis, Dipnos - in Victoria Moore's "The wine lover's guide to the summer", The Sunday Telegraph, 13/06/2021

2020 Picpoul de Pinet, EMB - recommended by Joanna Simon in the June edition of Platinum Magazine, 06/2021

2019 Greco di Tufo, Lapilli - in Will Lyons' column in The Sunday Times, 25/04/2021

2018 Braucol, Vigné-Lourac - Joanna Simon's Wine of the Week, 11/03/2021

2012 Château d'Escurac - in Will Lyon's column in The Sunday Times, 21/02/2021

NV Melon Blanc Cuvée Nocturne, Pierre Henri-Gadais - in Will Lyons' column in The Sunday Times, 31/01/2021

NV Saperavi, Vachnadziani Winery - Joanna Simon's Wine of the Week, 30/01/2020. A year ago but still relevant!

NV Melon Blanc Cuvée Nocturne, Pierre Henri-Gadais - Joanna Simon's Wine of the Week, 14/01/2021

 2019 Greco di Tufo, Lapilli - one of Charles Metcalfe's smashing wines for Christmas & the New Year, YouTube video tasting note, 25/12/2020

 2018 Bonarda Dorado, Vicentin Family Wines - one of Will Lyons' recommended Autumn wines in The Sunday Times, 25/10/2020

2017 Bourgogne Aligoté, Château de Chamilly - one of the best buys in October in Will Lyons' wine column, The Sunday Times, 04/10/2020

2017 Aglianico del Vulture, Terra di Orazio - one of the recommended Autumn wines in Will Lyons' wine column, The Sunday Times, 20/09/2020

2019 Muller Thurgau, Cantina Andriano - Joanna Simon's Wine of the Week, 17/09/2020

2017 Torrontes Lazos Trio, Filus - one of Will Lyons' "dozen bottles for you to enjoy outdoors" in the Sunday Times, 02/08/2020

2017 Liatiko, Douloufakis - Joanna Simon's Wine of the Week, 30/07/2020

2019 Arinto Vale de Homem, Quinta do Homem - one of "the best vinho verde to buy this summer" in Will Lyons' wine column, The Sunday Times, 12/07/2020

2018 Mylonas, Savatiano - "Explore Greece's ancient grapes and modern makers" according to Will Lyons in The Sunday Times, 28/06/2020

2016 Mencia Joven, Bodega Cobertizo - "...wines that you may not have come across before..." in Will Lyons' wine column, The Sunday Times, 31/05/2020

2017 Sangiovese Brio, Castello di Romitorio - "...well worth seeking out..." in Will Lyons' wine column, The Sunday Times, 22/05/2020

 2018 Voskehat, ArmAs - Joanna Simon's Wine of the Week, 22/05/2020

 2018 Passerina, Boccantino - One of the "Wines to enjoy while clicking, not clinking, your glass" in Will Lyons' wine column, The Sunday Times, 19/04/2020

2019 Retsina, Tetramythos  - Tom Cannavan's Wine of The Week, 06/04/2020

2019 Retsina, Tetramythos - One of "The best Easter wines" in Will Lyons' wine column, The Sunday Times, 05/04/2020

2018 Passerina, Boccantino - Joanna Simon's Wine of The Week, 20/03/2020

 2018 Chinon Cuvee de Paque, Domaine Roche d'Honneur in Will Lyons' wine column, The Sunday Times, 22/03/2020

 2018 Pinela, Guerila - Joanna Simon's Wine of The Week, 09/01/2020

Tom Cannavan's Autumn 2019 Round-up of recent Daily Drinker wines, 18/11/2019

 2017 Nero Buono Polluce, Cincinatto -Tom Cannavan's Wine of The Week, 18/11/2019

 2018 Cayetana Solo, Bodegas Martinez Paiva - Joanna Simon's Wine of The Week, 26/09/2019

2018 Bacchus, New Hall Vineyards - Tom Cannavan's Wine of The Week, 12/08/2019

 2018 Pink Chot, Domaine Bassac - Joanna Simon's Wine of The Week, 18/07/2019

 2016 Graciano, Bodegas Ondarre - Tom Cannavan's Wine of the Week, 27/05/2019

2017 Blaufrankisch, Balla Geza - Joanna Simon's Wine of The Week, 23/05/2019

2018 Mustoasa de Maderat, Balla Geza - Tom Cannavan's Wine of The Week, 29/04/2019

 "Cretan wines are the stuff of legend - and these are the bottles you should buy." Victoria Moore in The Telegraph on Saturday, 29/04/2019, writing about the wines of Domaine Lyrarakis in Crete

 2017 Furmint Egy Kis, Barta Pince - Joanna Simon's Wine of The Week, 07/02/2019

 2017 Cinsault Gallardia, De Martino Tom Cannavan's Wine of The Week, 28/01/2019

 2016 Assyrtiko, Akrathos - selected by Joanna Simon in her "Festive White Wine Guide 2018", December 2018

 2016 Assyrtiko, Akrathos - selected by Jancis Robinson in the Financial Times as one of "The best white wines to drink at Christmas"November 2018

 2016 Prieto Picudo Calandria, Bodegas BeloteJoanna Simon's Wine of The Week, 25/10/2018.

 Review of Akrathos wines from Tom Cannavan, 17/10/2018



The Daily Drinker shortlisted for Decanter 2018 Subscription Wine Club of the Year.
Sadly, we didn't win (again!) and were beaten by Lay & Wheeler's Wine Discovery Club.


2016 Sangiovese Brio, Castello Romitorio - Tom Cannavan's Wine of The Week on, 20th August 2018




The Daily Drinker shortlisted for International Wine Challenge 2018 Wine Club of the Year.
Sadly, we didn't win the title but were beaten by The Wine Society. Better luck next year! 



 2016 Grenache Le Paradou, Château Pesquié - Tom Cannavan's Wine of The Week, 07/05/2018. "A flavour-packed, but very approachable red wine that's broadly food-friendly."

 "Txakoli - a must-try wine (even if you don't want to pronounce it)" Joanna Simon's blog post about Bodegas Astobiza and the delicious 2016 Txakoli Gorabie, Bodegas Astobiza, 11th April 2018

 "Expanding wine drinkers' horizons: The Daily Drinker". Joanna Simon's blog post about The Daily Drinker Wine Club and some of our wines, 6th March 2018

 2015 Trebbiano d'Abruzzo, Viticolo Venea - Joanna Simon's Wine of The Week, 01/03/2018. A Trebbiano but not as we know it...

 2015 Vranec Classic, Tikves Winery - International Wine Challenge Gold Medal and Macedonian Trophy, June 2017. Try the 2013 Vranec Classic, Tikves Winery. 

Decanter World Wine Awards Silver Medal Winner & highest scoring Loire rosé - 2016 Le Carillon de Vendôme Pineau d'Aunis, Cave du Vendômois, June 2017

The Daily Drinker is one of the "9 best wine clubs in the UK", at least according to The Independent. We "keep you away from the "tried and tested" wine regions". IndyBest, Tuesday 16th May 2017

"Wine: Ancient wonders ripe for revival" by Will Lyons in The Sunday Times, Sunday 14th May 2017.  Including a review of 2014 Narince, Kayra.

2014 Cinsault, Leeuwenkuil from South Africa. Tom Cannavan's Wine of The Week on, 24th April 2017.

2015 Chenin Blanc OVNI, Domaine Mourat from France. Tom Cannavan's Wine of The Week on, 13th March 2017. 

2015 Zelen, Zorz from Slovenia. Tom Cannavan's Wine of The Week on, 15th January 2017
And on @winepages twitter feed: "Wine of the Week: another flash of the unusual and inspired from : a crisp and aromatic white". 

Tom Cannavan of succinctly sums up The Daily Drinker and all that we stand for. ""...this is a business that does not just pay lip-service to offering something different – something that’s a real alternative to the High Street – but which lives and breathes it. [...] It’s an innovative take on the ‘Wine of the Month’ club, and very different from some of the biggest players in the UK who operate such schemes." Read the full review on, 8th December 2016

 2014 Dry Furmint, Megyer - Wine of The Week on Tom Cannavan's, 30th October 2016

 Great review of Kayra wines from Turkey on, including the 2014 Narince, Kayra -, 6th October 2016

 "Well done Daily Drinker and well done M&S. Others take note." Praise for our eclectic range of good quality wines on The Wine Gang's Blog, 2nd September 2016

Six Wines tasted from the Wine Club for Adventurous Drinkers. 
Tasted by Tom Cannavan and "found to be of really excellent quality, but more than that, to accurately reflect their ethos of potentially expanding the wine drinkers’ horizons.", 25th August 2016

 Steve Slatcher,, 14th March 2016
Great write-up of 2011 Rufete Roble from Arribes del Duero. Sadly now out of stock...

The Daily Drinker Quintet by Tom Cannavan on, 24th February 2016
"...join in a voyage of discovery that's unlike most other wine clubs..."
Read the full, glowing, review of The Daily Drinker 

Tom Cannavan's Wine of the Week on, 11th January 2016
2014 Xarel-lo Desig, Mas Candi - "a terrific white from Penedes, Spain"
And a great review of The Daily Drinker in general. Watch his review 

Jamie Goode in The Sunday Express Magazine, 11th October 2015
2014 Verdejo Monte Blanco, Ramon Bilbao - one of "The 7 Best Spanish White Wines"

Tom Cannavan's Wine of the Week on, 20th Sept, 2015
2014 Carignan Vieilles Vignes Pietas, Producteurs Reunis. Watch Tom's video review here

Tom Cannavan's Wine of the Week on, 26th July, 2015
2013 Melnik 55, Logodaj. Watch Tom's video review here

Wall Street Journal "What's The Point of Scoring Wines", Friday 4th Sept, 2015
Will Lyon's review of our delicious 2014 Padeiro, Quinta de Gomariz, plus a quote from Caspar Bowes regarding the practice of scoring wines...

Wall Street Journal "Common Wine Faults Explained", Friday 8th May, 2015
Our 2014 Loureiro, Quinta de Gomariz and 2012 Primitivo Cantele

Wall Street Journal "Off Duty", Friday - Sunday, November 7-9, 2014
Our 2013 Grillo Aquilae, Canicatti comes to the rescue of Will Lyon's palate...
 Read the full article here.

Wine Woman & Song, 30th September 2013
A blog post by wine-writer Juel Mahoney, Sketches of Summer 2013: The Eastern Mediterranean Moment in London -

Outstanding praise for our Greek wines plus our wine club, "a brilliant wine club for those who want an adventure to accompany their wines". 

The Drinks Business, 20th August 2013
Top 10 Wines in the UK Press -
Includes our 2012 Robola, Gentilini as written up by Rose Murray Brown (see below)

The Scotsman, 10th August 2013
Rose  Murray-Brown on our 2012 Robola, Gentilini
ine: Beat the heat with summery white wines -

Jancis Robinson's Purple Pages, 12 April 2013
Review of The Daily Drinker by Jancis Robinson.
"Caspar [...] sets the bar pretty high."
If you are a member of Purple Pages, read the full article here - If not, open this PDF file 

Customer review of 2011 Teran, Kozlovic Winery
"We had our neighbour around last night and opened the April DD Croatian wine that arrived yesterday. My goodness me, this was a surprise. It is stunningly good wine, one of the best I've drunk for a long time. It has such richness and in spite of being bone dry, a sweetness that's hard to describe. It tastes like wine worth several times its retail price and I shall definitely be getting more of this one - what a find. It's the first time I've knowingly drunk Croatian wine and I would never have chosen to buy it - I do love the Daily Drinker!"

Seasonal coverage in, 30 November 2012
Christmas Champagne Deals - 
Featuring our Larnaudie-Hirault Champagnes

Christmas Gift Guide 2012 -
Featuring our wine club membership

Wall Street Journal, 1 November 2012
Will Lyons, There's a Wine For Every Margherita - 
Especially our 2010 Uva di Troia Posta Piana, Cantine Paradiso, 24 August 2012
A ferment about Furmint by Matt Walls -
including a review of 2009 Sipon, Dveri Pax, August 2012
Review of 2009 Xinomavro Naoussa Jeunes Vignes, Apostolos Thymiopolous

Twitter, 13 July 2012
Tweeted by William Lyons ‏@Will_Lyons
"I'm beginning to think @TheGrapeJockey has one of the finest palates in England. #wine #vin"
(For those of you who don't know, @Will_Lyons is the well-respected wine journalist for the WSJ Europe and @TheGrapeJockey is our very own Caspar Bowes!), July 2012
Review of 2011 Mantinea Nassiakos, Semeli

Wall Street Journal Europe, 30 June 2012
Will Lyons, Greece's Red and White Hope -
With particular reference to 2009 Tsapournakos, Ktima Voyatzis

The Daily Mail, 23 June 2012
Matthew Jukes' Five terrific summer wines -
Includes our 2011 Aubun Rosé Les Quatres Reines, Domaine de Lansac
He actually lists another stockist for this wine but our price is more competitive!

Wall Street Journal Europe, 15 June 2012
Will Lyons' Summer Drinking: A Case of Wines - 
Includes our 2011 Aubun Rosé Les Quatres Reines, Domaine de Lansac

The Scotsman, 10 June 2012
Rose Murray Brown, The Spice of Life -

"I love getting my daily drinker delivery precisely because I don’t know what to expect, and I love the tasting notes...quite often a friend who also enjoys his wine and I will taste blind, make all sorts of knowledgeable-sounding comments and expressions, and then read the notes to discover just how wrong we were. All good fun." Richard H

Homes & Gardens, Jan 2012
3 of the best wine websites -

An Empowering Tasting, 19 Sept 2011 by Jancis Robinson
2009 Novac, Prince Stirbey but read her full report on -

Horse & Hounds, Nov 2011
H&H Top Pick - Christmas Presents for Him -

The Field, Nov 2011
Top Trumps, Ace Presents -

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