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We know that time is precious and some of our tasting notes can be just a little bit rambling and flowery... (Sorry, we just get carried away!)  To appeal to those of you who want to keep it simple, we’re launching the #3wordtastingnote – yes, we’ll say it in three!

Each new wine will have its own three-word descriptor which we will put on the wine's page on our website but also post on our social media channels. (We are also in the process of retrospectively creating them for our existing wines.) Can you sum up one of our wines in just three words!? If so, let us know via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. The best ones we might even use and the author will receive a Daily Drinker corkscrew as a thank you. Get tasting...

2016 Soave, Tenuta di Corte Giacobbe - fresh, herbaceous, long
2013 Jaspe, Château Oumisyat - vigorous, fresh, claret-weight

2016 Dafni, Lyrarakis - savoury, bay, saline
2016 Lacrima di Morro d'Alba, Cantina Zaccagnin
i - deep, floral, cherry

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