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Online Wine Tasting Events

Taste wine online with Caspar Bowes...

Since lockdown started, online wine tastings have become an unexpected but welcome new aspect to our business; we are now hosting these events on a weekly basis for various wine groups, businesses and teams across the UK and even other European countries!

We are fully embracing this new interactive way of tasting wine together whilst remaining socially distanced and have even tidied our office so that our Zoom backdrop looks more professional. Caspar is now quite used to talking to a screen of people and actually rather enjoying the fact that they can all be muted more easily than when he does live events in a packed room! 


How does it work?

You provide us with your list of attendees, we send the wine to each of them in advance of the event, and then everyone joins the Zoom meeting at the appointed time. We organise each each event very much according to the needs/budget of the customer but below are some basic details: 

The Wines

Our wines range from £8.50 to £15/bottle. You can choose a wine to suit your budget, or let us know your budget and we will make a suggestion for a wine that would work.

Some people like to have two wines for the tasting, perhaps a red and a white, but that is not necessary – one wine is sufficient for an hour long tasting session, especially if the attendees are each tasting on their own.

The costs

There is a one-off charge of £50 inc VAT per event.

Thereafter, we simply charge per capita, i.e. if there are 25 attendees, we would invoice 25 x price of wine plus 25 x delivery charge (£7.95 inc VAT per delivery). 

The format

These events tend to run in the evening, 5.30, 6 or 6.30, but in the lead up to Christmas we have organised wine tastings at lunchtime, 4pm and 7.30pm. In short, you choose the time that suits you!

Each event tends to last about an hour depending on the wines and the level of interest/questions from the attendees. When our time is up, we can exit the meeting and leave the group to carry on socialising if they wish.

After a brief introduction, Caspar runs through how to taste wine and get the best out of any glass, i.e. look, smell, taste. He then actually tastes the wine and talks about it, and also gives information about the wine – grape variety, history, provenance, region, country.

We mute all attendees' microphones whilst Caspar is tasting. If they have any questions as we go along, they can send those in via the chat function or they can unmute and ask the question verbally. At the end of the tasting, we open it up for any questions – they can be about the wine being tasted, buying wine, storing wine, whatever. 

Get in touch 

If you are looking for a fun way to spend an hour with your colleagues or friends, please do get in touch to discuss how we can help.

If your group are very interested in wine, we can offer wines other than those listed on The Daily Drinker website; we have a wider range of fine wines on our parent company website, Bowes Wine.





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