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The Daily Drinker is open for business as usual, and is obviously complying with all government instructions regarding hygiene and social distancing.

Stock Availability

For the time being stock availability is good, both for Bowes Wine and The Daily Drinker. We are endeavouring to ensure the stock availability is up-to-date on both websites. However we do expect some product lines to sell out so please bear with us.

Order Processing

Our office is still manned, albeit with some interruptions for home-schooling, but orders are being processed promptly on receipt. 

The logistics warehouse we use, 3PLUK, have confirmed that they are still operational. However, due to staff shortages caused by sickness and self-isolation, they are working at reduced capacity.

Delivery Timescales

All our orders are normally sent on a 24 service with DHL. However, as the week has gone on, we have started to notice delays in deliveries. Your wine WILL still get to you but it will take longer than usual; please be patient. You will still receive an email from DHL on the day of delivery.


The Daily Drinker
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