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Wine Accessories

A small but concentrated range of wine accessories and gifts, perfect for the wine-lover in your life. From the branded DropStop at £2 inc P&P up to the Luxury Sommelier Wooden Box Set at £27, with corkscrews, wine thermometers and wine books in between. 

And remember that both the branded DropStop and the branded corkscrew can be bought as add-on gifts and enclosed with your wine order. 

Looking for something a little bigger as a gift, take a look at our selection of two-bottle wine gifts.


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The Daily Drinker DropStop
What is a DropStop? A simple-but-effective solution to the age-old problem …
from: £1.00
Wine Barrel Thermometer
Caspar is always banging on about the temperature at which wines should be taste…
from: £6.50
101 Wine FAQs, by Simon Woods
“I don’t know if this is a stupid question, but…” If yo…
from: £10.00
Luxury Sommelier Wooden Box Set
This fabulous all-in-one set contains everything you will need to enjoy those go…
from: £27.00
4 products  |   Show all   |    

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