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Membership Levels

Membership Levels...

There are three levels of membership - Gold, Silver, Bronze (plus our one-off Trial Membership):

GOLD 24 Bottles

12 two-bottle deliveries (delivered every month) - £360
4 six-bottle deliveries (delivered every three months) - £300

SILVER 12 Bottles

6 two-bottle deliveries (delivered every month/two months) - £180
2 six-bottle deliveries (delivered every three months) - £150

BRONZE 6 Bottles

3 two-bottle deliveries (delivered every month/two months) - £90


1 six-bottle delivery - £80
1 two-bottle delivery - £32

We introduce just two new wines every month (one red, one white) so all members receive the same quality of wines regardless of which membership level they choose. The different price points simply reflect the duration of the membership and whether two or six bottle boxes; if you choose to have less frequent six-bottle deliveries, the savings we make on P&P are reflected in the price of the membership.

Before you buy a membership, you need to make three decisions:

  • Membership Level: Gold (24 bottles), Silver (12 bottles) or Bronze (6 bottles).
  • Frequency of delivery: frequent two-bottle deliveries or less frequent six-bottle deliveries.
  • Colour: a mix of red and white, red only or white only. 

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If you are still unsure, read more about our wine club or contact us; we would be only too happy to explain it in more detail.

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