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The Daily Drinker Goes Green

What's happening?

We are changing our modus operandi. Rather than two new wines every month, we are switching to quarterly cases, i.e. six new wines every three months, in line with the seasons. All our dispatches will be six-bottle cases rather than two-bottle boxes.

What does this mean for you?

All existing members, your deliveries will continue as they are until the expiry of your current membership. 

What happens at my next renewal date?

We will shortly email every member individually to set out the options available but in essence, you will not be able to renew with the two-bottle option. If you wish to make the change to six-bottle cases before your expiry date, simply reply to the email we send you and we can make the changes, and refund you the savings accordingly. 

When will the changes take place?

It will be a phased start. We will shortly be publicizing details of the new cases and membership levels on our website and will email our mailing list at the same time. New memberships will receive the new seasonal cases from 1st September onwards. By June 2020, we plan to have moved everyone over to the new system.

Why the changes???

In a nutshell, reducing our environmental impact. My "one word" at the start of 2019 was "eco" and as a result, we have made a myriad of changes within the home and our everyday life. Next obvious step? Take a long hard look at our business practices.

Does it really make sense to send out two bottles, packed in plastic inners, on a monthly basis? The answer is no. We have offered the six-bottles-every-three-month option for some years and many members have chosen that option, and taken advantage of the financial savings it offers (we pass on the cheaper P&P to you). We are simply taking it one step further and offering six-bottle cases as the ONLY option.

By switching to quarterly deliveries, we will be saving thousands of delivery miles and the associated costs (financial and environmental). We will be improving our packaging footprint too; our new 6 and 12 bottle boxes are 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard, not an iota of plastic in sight. And we will be eliminating breakages and wastage; since switching to the new packaging, we have not had a single broken bottle in the case deliveries.

What's not changing?

The Daily Drinker will still be one of the most interesting, unique wine clubs in the UK with a vast array of fascinating finds delivered to your door. All wines will still be selected by Caspar and his thoroughbred palate, and be accompanied by his much-loved tasting notes which apparently inspire and amuse in equal measure!

With thanks in advance for your understanding, Victoria Bowes 
Published on 1st July 2019

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