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101 Wine FAQs, by Simon Woods

101 Wine FAQs, by Simon Woods
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“I don’t know if this is a stupid question, but…” If you’ve ever had a question about wine, chances are that Simon Woods has already heard it at least once. In this book, he answers 101 of the ones he’s been asked most frequently. Such as…

  • “Does wine contain anything apart from grapes?”
  • “What effect is global warming having on wine?”
  • “Why should I bother with any wine that’s not on special offer?”
  • “Do women make better wine tasters than men?”
  • “What are the best wines to order in a restaurant?”
  • “How many calories are there in a glass of wine?”
  • “How do you prevent wine staining your teeth?”

…and many more besides

A perfect little book to dip in and out of, whether you are a wine novice or expert.


“It’s seriously useful and interesting” (Amelia Singer, The Wine Show)

“It makes great bedside reading. I heartily recommend it to anyone with the vaguest interest in wine.” (Bob Campbell MW in The Real Review)

“It’s like you were on my shoulder recording all of the conversations that I’ve had as a Sommelier throughout my career.” (Christopher Cooper, Wine Presenter & Consultant)

“A 1st class, down to earth book.” Robert Joseph

101 Wine FAQs, by Simon Woods (inc P&P)

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