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The Daily Drinker Corkscrew

The Daily Drinker Corkscrew
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We are very excited by our new Daily Drinker branded corkscrews. Such things excite us here at Daily Drinker HQ!

Made by Murano in Italy, this corkscrew is a favourite with sommeliers and wine professionals. It is compact, lightweight and ergonomic, has a Teflon-coated 5 spiral worm, a self-sharpening serrated blade and the all-important double-lever action, don't you know!?! We use it here in the office, and at home, and find that no cork is beyond its capabilities.

Like our branded DropStop, The Daily Drinker corkscrew is the perfect add-on gift when purchasing wine or a Daily Drinker Membership as a present. Simply add it to your basket (select the first option below) and we will put it an envelope inside the box of wines.

If you would like to order one of these on its own, select the second option below and checkout as normal. The higher price reflects our additional P&P costs.

The Daily Drinker Corkscrew (sent with wine order)
The Daily Drinker corkscrew (incl. P&P)

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