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Red Wine  »  Argentine Red Wine

This is the fifth biggest wine producing nation and what a goodie! High in the Andes one finds antique vineyards capable of producing profound red wines of extremely high quality and capable of really serious ageing.

As Chile has taken varietal Carmenère to its bosom and made it a thing of its own and Uruguay has adopted Tannat, so has Argentina taken on the mantle of Global Malbec Residence, something that perhaps disconcerted those producers of Cahors in France, in which region Malbec reigns more-or-less supreme, but of which I now suspect they have become rather grateful, as it has certainly reinvigorated the variety’s reputation worldwide.

Argentina is also capable of producing very fine white wine and, indeed, has adopted a white variety, this time from Spain: the supremely aromatic Torrontes. A Torrontes has already featured as a Daily Drinker sample.

Red Wine  »  Argentine Red Wine

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